Cult Epics presents John Aes-Nihil’s MANSON FAMILY MOVIES re-issue with bonus disc “Sharon Tate Home Movies” as a 2 Disc DVD set

Cult Epics presents on the 50 th Anniversary of the Manson Family Murders the long out-of-print
MANSON FAMILY MOVIES with new bonus disc “Sharon Tate Home Movies” as a 2 Disc DVD
set with Slipcase limited to first 1000 copies. Proceeding the release is the CHARLES MANSON
EXHIBIT at Lethal Amounts in Los Angeles from the collection of John Aes-Nihil, August 8 TH – until
late September, curated by Nico B.
Synopsis: Manson Family Movies is a painstaking recreation of the daily lives of the members of
Manson's cult, from the banal to the brutal. Filmed on the actual locations where the family lived and
killed, filmmaker John Aes-Nihil blends dramatic footage with real recordings of the Manson family
singing and performing music to chilling, gritty effect and audacious authenticity.
“Manson Family Movies is a primitive, obsessional, fetishistic tribute to mayhem, murder and
madness.” - John Waters

Price:              $29.95
Street Date:          August 13, 2019
Production Year: 1974-1979
Country: USA
Feature run time:         Approx. 89 Mins
Bonus Disc run time: Approx. 60 Mins
Language: English
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Label: Cult Epics
Distributor: CAV
Blu-ray CE-162
BD UPC: 881190016299
Rating:                         Not Rated
. Director’s Commentary Track
. Outtakes with Director’s Commentary
. Never-Before-Released Manson Music
. Last Interview with Charles Manson
. The Original LAPD Crime/Morgue Photos
. Original Charles Manson Artwork
. Limited Edition of 1000 copies with Slipcase designed by Erographic
. Bonus Disc: Sharon Tate Home Movies