World-Wide Premiere of FIST OF FURY + 3 More New Films This Week From FULL MOON! / Monday, January 16th, 2017
4 New Films Available This Week!
Dear Full Moon Family,

Thank you for making the premiere of RAVENWOLF TOWERS EPISODE 2: BONDS OF BLOOD last Thursday, January 12th a BIG hit and one of our 'popular movies' on our AMAZON VIDEO subscription page. 

Watch the series trailer here! RAVENWOLF TOWERS THE SERIES TRAILER

This week we are proud to announce the World-Wide Premiere of Full Moon's new martial arts epic FISTS OF FURY on Friday January 20th on AMAZON VIDEO and FULLMOONSTREAMING! Watch the 'Lady Dragon' herself Cynthia Rothrock host a plethora of Martial Arts Movie clips. Are you ready to earn your Kung-Fu movie black belt? 

Watch the incredible high-flying trailer here! FISTS OF FURY TRAILER

Also get ready for another smut-filled classic from the twisted Jess Franco, a sexy-hot-hotel you won't want to soon leave, a splatter-comedy from gore maestro Herschell Gordon Lewis, the behind-the-scenes to a beloved Puppet Master sequel and a World-Wide premiere of a Martial Arts flick. That's 4 new releases - so let the SEX, GORE, HORROR, and KARATE KICKS begin!

NOW PLAYING from BLUE UNDERGROUND: The master of exploitation Jesus 'Jess' Franco is back with JUSTINE DE SADE. A perverted father and step-daughter duo seduce and destroy everyone in their path. Based on the writing of the Marquis De Sade!

TUNE IN TUES, JAN 17th, for another SURRENDER CINEMA classic: You won't want to check out of the HOTEL EXOTICA. Two sisters have 'interesting' encounters with the resident fortune teller and with the lodge's hostess. Things quickly get hot, heavy, and steamy within the hotel's walls. Extra towels to room 37 please!
WATCH ON WED, JAN 18th, for a splatter filled SOMETHING WEIRD
 title from the 'Godfather of Gore' himself Herschell Gordon Lewis. In THE GRUESOME TWOSOME, crazy old Mrs. Pringle scurries gals into the back room of her wig-shop so her psycho son gorily-goes-a-scalping. A sweet gory story between the love of a mother and her son.
COME BACK THURS, JAN 19th, and dive into Full Moon's secret VAULT for a behind-the-scenes VINTAGE VIDEO ZONE: RETRO PUPPET MASTER. Watch the origins of Andre Toulon and the magic of his puppets. This is the full-length 'Videozone' that has been locked up and lost deep within the Full Moon archives. Now you can see the complete version of how this Classic Full Moon title was brought to the screen.
JOIN US ON FRIDAY, JAN 20th for the exciting World-Wide Premiere of Full Moon's new Kung-Fu masterpiece FISTS OF FURY. Rothrock (who holds black belt rankings in seven styles of martial arts) takes you on a Kung-Fu journey to help you earn your cinematic black-belt, WA-TAAAAAH!!

Have Fun!